Wednesday Evening Meditation

With Jill Davey

✦✦ Online Sessions: Wednesdays, 7:30 to 8:30 PM (Eastern Time) on Zoom.

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Buddha meditating


Jill Davey

Since 2008, Jill Davey (she/they) has been devoted to the study and practice of Vipassana (Insight Meditation) and sharing this understanding with others. Having been mentored and invited to teach by Molly Swan and Norman Feldman, Jill is a teacher with True North Insight. Jill is particularly interested in connecting the relevance of these ancient teachings of awareness, wisdom and kindness to daily life experience. Jill brings years of previous experience as a community worker to their teaching and is actively committed to the ongoing dismantling of internalized and systemic privilege. Jill is the founder of RiverSound Retreat and Insight Meditation Fergus.


a lovely cocktail of Buddhist dharma and contemporary mindfulness

Kathy W

“I've been attending Weds nights with Jill since Spring of 2023. Jill’s welcoming and down to earth leadership drew me in right from the get go. I rarely miss a session and if must do I always look forward to the recording on youtube. Her caring, knowledge and communication skills are tangible. Jill puts a humorous touch on topics that can be sensitive.

Jill’s wisdom shines through her talks which are a lovely cocktail of Buddhist dharma and contemporary mindfulness. She draws on a variety of teachers, ancient sources, modern day books, movies and life stories. Always a respectful, concise and relevant talk to inform the beautiful guided meditation that follows. Jill shares all of her resources for us to explore on our own. I have benefited from this many times.

I know my practice has been encouraged and enriched through Jill’s guidance and this Sangha support."

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